Clean Slate 90mins/$250

Who is it for? Those suffering from congested skin and breakouts. 

What does it do? This seriously exfoliating facial includes Dermaplaning, clarifying Dermal Infusion, meticulous extractions, and so much more to give your clogged pores the deepest clean.

105mins/$275 w/ LED add-on

Love Me Tender 75mins/$160

Who is it for? For those with overworked, sensitive, or dehydrated skin.

What does it do? This gentle facial includes mild exfoliation, LED treatment, hydrating mask, and an AMAZING massage. A luxurious treat for both you and your skin!

Light of my Life 75mins/$225

Who is it for? Those who want to lighten, brighten, and help prevent dullness.

What does it do? This Microdermabrasion facial banishes dullness and helps to both correct and prevent age spots and hyperpigmentation. Includes a peptide-rich serum, steam massage, extractions, and a luxurious hydration mask!

Package of 5 for $956

90mins/$265 w/ Dermaplaning or LED add-on

110mins/$285 w/ Dermaplaning and LED add-on

Fountain of Youth 75mins/$225

Who is it for? Anyone who’s seeking to regain that youthful glow.

What does it do? Firming, toning, and antioxidant rich: the youth enhancing trifecta! This exfoliating and hydrating facial brings back your glow while defending your skin from the environmental aggressors that ravage your skin daily. 

Package of 5 for $956

Come Hither Custom Facial 75mins/$155

Who is it for? Anyone and everyone!

What does it do? Anything! Let Michelle take the lead with this custom option and tailor the facial to your skin's unique needs. 

LED and Dermaplaning add-ons available


A Flirtation 45mins/$125

Who is it for? For those on a time crunch and need a quick pick-me-up: the perfect Lunch Hour facial! 

What does it do? Cleanses and exfoliates. A quick, clean, and refreshing experience!

*To help maximize our time together, you will remain in your street clothes for all Express Facials*

Dermal Infusion á la carte 30mins/$175**

Who is it for? Anyone looking for real results on a time crunch, or prepping for any Medaesthtics procedure, (such as Botox/injectables, Laser treatments, Microblading, or other semi-permanent makeup services).

What does it do? Dermal Infusion exfoliates, extracts, and infuses serum into your skin without the need for a full facial. 

Package of 5 for $743.75

**Price reduced to $150 if scheduled alongside a Medaesthetics service with Dr. Martine Sargent @ KisMed! 

Stop the Madness 45mins/$125

Who is it for? For those fighting the constant battle against acne or aging skin.

What does it do? The "in-between facials" treatment we've all been waiting for! Helps to fight pesky bacteria between your regularly scheduled facials. Take a  Beauty Nap under the LED, blue light for acne or red light for anti-aging.




Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetics service for your eyebrows that utilizes a manual, hand-drawn technique to create extremely fine, natural-looking hair strokes. Results can last from 12 to 18 months depending on your skin and a variety of factors.


Whether you just have a few gaps to fill in, or no brows whatsoever, Microblading will turn you from a brow zero to a brow hero over the course of (at least) two appointments. 


Initial Appointment

Perfection Appointment




A consultation is required at least one week prior to your Initial Appointment. During this 20-minute consultation, Michelle will go over detailed pre-microblading procedures that must be followed leading up to your service. We highly recommend bringing pictures/examples of the brow style you are looking for so we can best help you achieve your dream brows! 

The price of the consultation will be applied to your Initial Appointment upon booking.

Check out Microblading FAQs and Pics here!

*Microblading appointments available in both SF and Marin! Contact Michelle for Marin location & availability*




uses only the best wax available: 

Lycon Wax from Australia, in both hybrid hard wax and strip wax.

Specially formulated with high-quality beeswax and resins to deliver superior results.

Low temperature, super pliable, and gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

Lycon Precision Waxing.png


All Eyes On You

Brow shape, brow color, & lash color

Eye Opener

Brow & Lash Color

Brow Shape & Color

Custom Brow Shape

Custom Brow Color

Lash Color









Extended Bikini


Full Leg w/ Bikini

Full Leg 

Full Arm

Half Arm

Half Leg